Why We Charge Planning Fees

WealthUp is a professional financial planning practise and we conform to the standards of the FPI (Financial Planning Institute). Given our expertise and considering the time it has taken each CFP® PROFESSIONAL to become suitable qualified, you will understand that in the same way as other professional practitioners we charge a professional fee based on the time and effort we spend in preparing opinions, proposals and research.

We unfortunately cannot merely prepare proposals with detailed solutions and recommendations without compensation. We believe that our solutions and recommendations stand apart from products that can be used to meet the planning requirements and must be remunerated as such. This also prevents the bias to recommend solutions which are tailored to sell products.

What Happens Next


Once we have provided the above services you are free to do with your plan as you wish. Should you instruct us to implement the recommendations in your plan additional fees will be earned by us on any product or investment solution implemented.

Life assurance products typically incorporate commission in their premiums. We will fully disclose any such commission earned and may apply a discount to the commission at a rate dependent on the quantum of the fees charged for planning. Please note that we do not support any insurance-based investment products.

Where investment strategies are incorporated we typically raise a fee against the assets under our advisement. The fee is an annual fee paid to us on your behalf by the service provider. This fee can be cancelled at any time should you not be happy with our service. This fee will be disclosed in our proposal documents.

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