Wealth Creation


Constructing a plan to grow your portfolio of assets in the best possible way. These assets may be used to fund your current lifestyle, the education of your children or even your golden retirement years. Each portfolio is customized to suit your exact requirements.


Investment Planning

Ensuring that you are able to fund your short, medium and long term goals through investments in various asset classes. Each portfolio is customised to suit your requirements.

Retirement Planning

Ensuring that you have adequate wealth at retirement to provide with a secure income. Optimising the taxation benefits and investment strategies are key areas covered.

Education Planning

Ensuring that you have the necessary funds to cover your children’s education expenses to provide them with the best possible future

The Wealth Creation Process

Collecting Information

Personal Information
  • Personal & Family Info
  • Assets & Liabilities
  • Income & Expenses
Current Portfolios & Documentation
  • Current Investment Portfolio
  • Current Retirement Fund
  • Risk Tolerance Assessment
Goals & Objectives
  • Short, Medium & Long Term

Investment Plan
  • Investment Objectives
  • Investment Projections
  • Current Investments
Retirement Planning
  • Retirement Objectives
  • Retirement Projections
  • Current Investments
Education Plan
  • Education Objectives
  • Education Projections
  • Current Investments

Crafting A Plan

Implementing Your Plan

Investment Products


  • Unit Trusts
  • Share Portfolios
  • Linked Investment Platform
  • Tax Free Savings Accounts
Retirement Products


  • Retirement Annuities
  • Pension/Provident Funds
  • Pension/Provident Preservation Funds
  • Preservation Funds
  • Living or Life Annuities

Product Providers

Taking Money Offshore?

We use Currency Partners to assist our clients to take money offshore. This includes opening bank accounts as well as the necessary tax clearance certificates and currency conversion.

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