Wealth Protection


Constructing a plan to protect your most important assets. These assets may be your health or your future income stream, investments assets or even protecting your loved ones if you can no longer provide for them.



Risk Planning

Ensuring that you have suitable cover in place to ensure that you and your dependents will be able to retain your current standard of living if you pass away, become disabled or cannot perform your occupation.

Estate Planning

conducting an estate analysis to ensure that your financial dependents will be able to receive the necessary amounts after estate expenses. These expenses range from estate duties, income taxes and executor’s fees.

Health Planning

Ensuring that you have suitable cover in place to match your medical expense needs. This includes Medical Scheme cover as well as Medical Shortfall cover.

The Wealth Protection Process

Collecting Information

Personal Information
  • Personal & Family Info
  • Assets & Liabilities
  • Income & Expenses
Current Personal Insurance Portfolio


  • Current Personal Insurance Portfolio
  • Current Group Insurance Portfolio
  • Estate Documents
Goals & Objectives
  • Serious Life Event
Risk Plan
  • Leaving a Legacy
  • Not Being Able to Perform Your Occupation
  • Suffering From a Severe Illness
Estate Planning
  • Last Will & Testament
  • Estate Liquidity Report
Health Plan
  • Medical Scheme
  • Medical Shortfall

Crafting A Plan

Implementing Your Plan

Risk Products
  • Life Cover
  • Lump Sum Disability Cover
  • Temporary & Permanent Income Protection Cover
  • Critical Illness Cover
Health Products
  • Medical Scheme
  • Medical Shortfall

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